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What is Oxonbike ?

Oxonbike is a 24 hour on-street bike hire service, providing pedal and e-bikes for hire for residents and visitors from a number of locations in Oxford and Headington.

How does it work ?

Oxonbike is very simple. Sign up online or via the app as a casual or annual member for pedal and/or electric bikes. Once you've done that, you'll receive a membership number and PIN. Simply key in your membership number and PIN at any of the stations and select a bike to rent. You can return the bike to any station, not just the one you rented it from.
Please note that if you purchase an e-bike subscription, you might want to also purchase a pedal bike subscription, in case there are no e-bikes available at the station.

How much does it cost to hire a bike?

Please see the Prices page for the current tariff options. We provide both a casual use option, and annual membership option for pedal and ebikes. You can of course have one of each !
The e-bikes will only recharge when docked into one of the allocated e-docks (clearly marked in yellow), however if necessary they can be securely docked into any docking point.
Please check online to see if you are eligible for a partner organisation discount on the annual membership fee.
Any credit you don’t use will remain in your Oxonbike account until your next rental or your subscription expires.

What to do if the station is full

In this case, lock the bike securely nearby using the combination lock and email ( or call on +44 7925 248763 to end your hire. The bike is your responsibility until you do this.

I've forgotten my PIN

For security reasons you will need to have both your membership number and PIN number. You may change the PIN number to a 4 digit number that is more memorable for you - log into with your username and password and you can change your PIN online.

I've forgotten the Bike combination lock code

If you don't have the bike lock code and you need to lock up your bike, you can retrieve the code online through the website or the app. If you are using the website, go to, login using your membership number and PIN, and under My Account (click on your name), go to "external lock code" and the system will show you the combination lock codes for any bikes you have out on rent. On the App, the External Lock Code symbol is shown on the main page after you login.

What about Helmets ?

Helmets are not provided as we are unable to guarantee the safety of the helmets provided. We do however encourage cyclists to wear a helmet where possible.

A bike is damaged

If you find a bicycle that is damaged please tell us. If you have time it is useful if you can turn the saddle sideways to indicate to other people it is not to be used.

How to open the combination lock

  • Line the four numbers up against the small triangle shapes
  • Push the two big silver shapes TOWARDS the numbers
  • The lock will pop open

E-bike Specific Questions

I am a member of the existing OXONBIKE scheme, but want to use electric bikes too. What do I need to do?

You will need to purchase an additional e-bike subscription, (membership or casual).  You can do this by logging into your account, and purchasing an additional ebike subscription. This way, when you enter your membership number and PIN at the console, you will be offered both pedal and ebikes to rent. You will be charged the appropriate amount depending on the bike you choose.

Where can I pick up an e-bike?

At any one time there will be a number of Oxonbike stations that have e-bikes. The best way to find the location of an e-bike to rent is to check out the map in the website here . Both show the availability of both pedal bikes and e-bikes. These can be shown separately by clicking on the bicycle icon and selecting classic (pedal) bikes or e-bikes. See screenshot below.
Oxonbike map screenshot

How do I make the e-bike work?

When you have undocked the e-bike, you will need to press the on button on the left handlebar to turn the bike on. You can tell the bike is on at any time as the front lights will be on, and the rear light will be flashing. Please watch the ‘How to Use’ video for more information and we strongly recommend watching it prior to your first e-bike hire.

How old do I have to be to use an e-bike?

You must be at least 14 years old to legally ride an e-bike in the UK. Also to use the e-bike safely you must be competent to ride, and be able to reach the ground with both feet whilst sitting in the saddle

Do I need a license for an e-bike?

No. Our e-bikes will only provide power whilst you are pedalling. When you stop, the motor turns off. This ensures the e-bikes are treated by law the same as pedal bikes.

Could an e-bike run out of power whilst I’m using it?

The e-bikes have a range of approx. 30 miles, which is more than sufficient for local trips around Oxford. However if the bike has not been docked in an e-dock, its power level may be not be full. The current power level of bikes can be seen from the station console or Oxonbike App, which we recommend is downloaded from the appropriate Apple or Android store.
If an e-bike does run out of power during a rental, it can still be ridden normally.

How do the e-bikes charge?

The e-bike will charge automatically when docked into any of the special e-docks, which are clearly marked. E-bikes that are low on charge will not be available for rent until their charge level has reached a suitable level.

How fast do the e-bikes go?

E-bikes are limited to providing power up to 25kph by law. You can pedal faster than that of course if you wish !

Can you pedal an e-bike as well as use the electric motor?

Yes, of course, and the motor will only provide power while you are pedalling, once you stop, the motor cuts out. It is an ordinary bicycle, although it is of course heavier than an ordinary e-bike.