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OXONBIKE is a mixed fleet of both pedal and electric bikes
Docking stations where e-bikes can be charged are depicted by an e-bike symbol at the docking station, and you can also see this online. You can also see online, and on the app, the types of bikes available.

You may choose an e-bike rather than a pedal bike if :
  • Your journey is uphill
  • You need it to be less effort than conventional cycling
  • You need to be quicker than normal
Please note, existing annual members will not be asked to pay the new pedal bike membership fees until their existing membership expires. Charges for e-bikes applies to all.

GOOD NEWS FOR PARTNER ORGANISATIONS! Please see our PARTNERS page for voucher codes to save 20% on regular use membership charges, if you are associated with one of our partner organisations.
Before using an e-Bike

We have a short instructional video on some of the unique features of the e-bikes. We would ask that all prospective e-bike users view this video and read through our FAQS page, prior to their first use. Thank you.

If you are unable to see the video below, please use this direct link here to the video on Youtube.