Welcome to OXONBIKE

OXONBIKE is a self-service bike hire scheme for getting around Headington quickly and cheaply. You can hire and return bikes at any OXONBIKE docking station.

Existing member from 2013 ?

If you were a previous member of Oxonbike you do not need to pay your membership fee again. Please use the Existing Member button to send us an email with your details, we will register you and send you a membership number and PIN. You can then use an OXONBIKE immediately for trips up to half an hour without needing to add credit.

New to OXONBIKE? Please press the Register button to sign up for immediate use !

The links on the left give you more information on how to access the scheme, costs, station and bike locations.

Here you can also login into your own account or purchase a subscription online.

Keep in touch with us via Facebook and or Twitter, links to our dedicated pages are at the top. Please like our facebook page and Tweet us your experiences !

Have a fun and safe time cycling in Headington

This is a pilot project operated by HourBike Ltd and funded through the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

To find out more about cycling in Oxfordshire click here